Terms and Conditions of Sale
1. The Customer agrees to pay the Price and all taxes charged for the Goods supplied within 7 working days
from the date of this invoice unless otherwise agreed to by Digital Electronics Australia. Any late accounts
incur a 10 % fee onto of the invoice amount.
2. Digital Electronics Australia shall retain title of the Goods until full payment is received and until such
time have the right to:
a. enter the Customers premises in order to repossess the Goods without liability for trespass or any
resulting damage;
b. resell the Goods repossessed pursuant to (a); and
c. Recover any shortfall from a sale made pursuant to (b) due to any change in condition of the
Goods whilst in the Customer’s possession.

3. The Customer will reimburse Digital Electronics for all costs, charges, expenses, fees, liabilities,
outgoings and payments incurred in recovering outstanding monies including debt collection agency and
legal fees.
4. Digital Electronic Australia is not liable under contract, tort or otherwise for defective goods, or for any
injury, damage or loss, pecuniary or otherwise, resulting from the use the Goods.
5. Digital Electronics Australia will not accept responsibility for the loss of software, data or any other
electronic information resulting from an agreed service or repairs. It shall be the responsibility of the
Customer to backup any software, data or any other information that the Customer believes to be
6. Goods purchased are subject to the terms and conditions of:
a. the licensing agreements attached to the Goods which govern their use; and
b. Any manufacturer’s warranties and any returns are determined with reference to such warranties.
7. If the Goods are purchased pursuant to an installation, the terms and conditions contained in the
Agreement shall apply.
8. Digital Electronics Australia is not liable for any power surges or damage to equipment caused by
lightning strikes or power surges. Including damage via phone lines we recommend the use of UPS
protection with phone line protection.
9. All After Hours work is chargeable for any technical support calls or onsite work.
10. Any Technical support calls during normal working hours are chargeable after 10 minute period.
11. All Warranty claims are to be done in normal working hours otherwise are chargeable.