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E waste

What is E-waste?

E-waste is the discarding of computers, office electronic equipment, electronic devices, mobile phones & television sets.

Here at Digital Electronics Australia we specialise in recycle E-waste in the form of laptops & desktop PC’s.

E-Waste is dangerous and contains harmful lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury & lead acid. Help us help the environment and stop E-waste today by recycling your old laptop or desktop PC’s.

Don’t throw your desktop PC or laptop in the bin where it will end up as landfill. We only have so many landfill sites left in Australia. Here at Digital Electronics we pay you for your old or non-working laptop or desktop PC’s.

Here in Western Australia last year some 40,813 tonnes of e-waste was recycled. Digital Electronics Australia works hard at recycling E-waste products & we are associated with some of the big recycling companies here in Perth.

At Digital Electronics we offer a free IT asset removal service in the Perth Metropolitan service for schools, government departments & small business. Don’t let someone else find your critical data. Make sure you seek the correct advice when it comes to the disposal of your old electronics today. We use correct procedures for data disposal using Blanco & military grade formatting of data.

So help Landfill & the Environment by recycling your old electronics today. These electronics can help kids in Africa & in turn helps the environment & stops E waste from leaching into the ground.

Thank you from the Owner

Paul Bourke

Digital Electronics Australia